Designed by a firefighter to simulate situational functionality for resistance training, the Surge® harnesses fluid dynamics and defines Top-Down Unstable Strength Training for the whole body. Experience how continuous shifts in fluid position and flow rate result in maximal muscle recruitment from head to toe. Combining water motion into the loading of muscle improves motor control patterns by imposing reactive resistance training on the central nervous system.


6 Sep – Physical Company Head Office – High Wycombe

You’ll learn:

  • Define the terms active-resistance, perturbation, and dynamic fluid resistance
  • Discuss how active-resistance training modalities differ from traditional resistance training devices
  • Understand the basic scientific principles of active-resistance training, dynamic-fluid resistance and how the chemical structure of water impacts the movement of The Surge®
  • Understand how the central nervous system and muscular system interact to control movement
  • Learn the numerous options available for holding and gripping the Surge® and how to position the Surge® relative to the body
  • Learn specific techniques to manipulate the intensity of an exercise movement, and the techniques and cues for teaching over 50 Surge® exercises
  • and much more…

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