PC RMTThe WeckMethod RMT® Club is specifically designed to enhance functional strength training, mobility training, athletic movement, and balance by improving the rotational movementsand non-dominant movements of the body. This one of a kind training tool allows you to perform a multitude of different functional exercises from sport specific, to full body, to isolation on targeted areas.

The RMT Club Instructor Training course will teach you new and innovative techniques to improve both you and your clients athleticism, movement skills and functional strength from head to toe. The RMT Club course begins with an introduction to Rotational Movement Training™ and how the RMT Club is used in conjunction with those movement patterns.

5 Sep – Physical Company Head Office – High Wycombe

You’ll learn:

  • The key features of the RMT Club
  • The club’s purpose, and essential applications
  • Specific exercises including skill based, full body, and high intensity
  • Specialised programming and training formats for individuals, small groups, and group exercise
  • and much more…

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